Connect To Open Serial Port

Open-source terminal emulator for SSH, Telnet, FTP, etc.
Poderosa Project
Serial Port Monitor
Monitor RS232/422/485 COM ports.
Eltima Software
Virtual Serial Port Driver
Virtual Serial Port Driver allows creating virtual serial port pairs on a PC.
Eltima Software

Connect to Open Serial Port

RS232 Data Logger
Log traffic incoming though a serial port.
Eltima Software
HW Virtual Serial Port
HW Virtual Serial Port allows creating virual serial port drivers.
HW group
Virtual Serial Ports Driver XP
Virtual Serial Port Driver creates virtual serial ports.
ELTIMA Software GmbH
Serial port analyzer and monitor.
CommFront Communications
Virtual Null Modem
Emulate one or more couples of RS-232 ports connected via null-modem cable.
AGG Software
Serial Port Mapper
Serial Port Mapper - Assign new names for serial ports.
FabulaTech, Inc.
Port to Port
PortToPort is a software that calculates the distance between two ports.
AtoBviaC Plc
HW Virtual Serial Port Single
Free, unrestricted Virtual Serial Port driver for any TCP/IP devices.
HW group
Serial Port Splitter
Serial Port Splitter grants simultaneous access to a COM port from several apps.
Serial Port Software

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Connect to Open Serial Port

Bill Serial Port over Ethernet
This plugin opens a Serial Port connection with your serial peripheral .
Serial port to network port conversion program (08102216)
My company, Inc.
SUDT SerialRemap
Remap (redirect) all data sent from one serial port to any other serial port.
SUDT Studio
Serial Comm ActiveX
Activex component control for software developers.
Serial Port Terminal
Free Serial Port Terminal is a handy and easy to use serial port terminal.
Jonas Kundra
Free Virtual Serial Ports
It allows you to create virtual serial ports and emulate their behavior.
HHD Software, Ltd.
Serial Port Utility
Professional communication software for serial port.
Darkwood Studio