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Aventail Connect

Developer SonicWALL, Inc.

Connect provides remote users of IT-managed devices with full access to key business applications—including ...


Developer Big Muscle

StrongDC++ is a free and open-source file sharing program that uses NeoModus Direct Connect and Advanced Direct Connect protocols. It is a ...

COSMOTE Internet On The Go Connect

Developer Birdstep Technology

COSMOTE Internet On The Go Connect helps you get connected to the Internet using COSMOTE's cellular networks,including COSMOTE's HSPA ...

XFINITY Connect for Outlook

Developer Comcast

XFINITY Connect for Outlook lets you access your XFINITY Connect mail, calendar and address book in Microsoft Outlook. It enables you ...

cFos Broadband Connect

Developer cFos Software GmbH

cFos Broadband Connect is a high-performance Dial-Up driver for Internet Access with high bandwidth. Maximum throughput, minimum ...

BlackBerry Connect Desktop for Nokia

Developer Nokia

BlackBerry Connect Desktop for Nokia helps you arrange settings for your Nokia BlackBerry devices. This technology helps you ...

VDM Connect

Developer Videoswitch

With VDM Connect you can view video and configure VDM and VDC series. After installing the software you must follow a few steps: - set ...


Developer Andrea Novero

Connect-pc! connect your computers with the login and password that you want. In the options tab you must set up ...

Connect Buddy

Developer Play Buddy

Connect Buddy wins Connect 4 games (regular or powerchip) in a quick and efficient way by using an internal Connect 4 strategy. This special ...

Connect and Shar Server

Developer ppp infotech Ltd

If you are sharing a Internet connection then Connect and Shar is a must-have tool. Internet connection and dis-connection can now be ...

ABB PLC Connect

Developer ABB Automation Technology Products AB

PLC Connect uses of Real Time Database to store all process information before it gets presented to the operator, a benefit in ...

AT&T Connect Materials Editor

Developer AT&T, Inc

The Materials Editor is used to develop offline content and upload it to the AT&T Connect service to be used as part of ...

XC Connect

Developer Xchange Network

XC Connect enables users to create, modify and share Calendar, Contact and Task information between and across any ...


Developer Johan Ă–hmans, xtremexgamer

TkDC++ is a free and open-source Direct Connect client. It connects to Direct Connect networks and more recent Advanced Direct Connect networks. ...

Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro Add-in for Microsoft Outlook

Developer Adobe Systems Incorporated

Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro Add-in for Microsoft Outlook is a plug-in that provides Connect Pro users with a ...